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Please note: We are aerifying this week! Our Freedom course was aerified on 4/13, and Robin Hood was aerified on 4/14.


We are OPEN for play! As things are constantly changing, we want to keep you updated!

We have received the green light from the Governor to operate. In order to comply with regulations and combat COVID-19, we are eliminating all interactions employees have with our customers.

ALL payment needs to be done either online or pay over the phone before you arrive at the course. Cash will not be accepted.

Please note: Freedom and Robin Hood are walking only and that you will need to make a tee time in advance to play any of our three golf courses. We are also actively making changes on our driving range to reduce the amount of people that can be on the tee at one time.

Reminder of current Covid-19 policies:

– Access to the clubhouse will be closed to the public

– Check in by the side window of the clubhouse

– Portable restrooms are available near the clubhouse entrance

– Hand sanitizer available by the check in window

– No scorecards will be available (paper one of the worst surfaces for the virus)

– Please leave flagstick in, device in place so ball will not fall into the hole

– Rakes have been removed

– Carts are wiped down on a daily basis before use in addition to the thorough cleaning they receive after play.

As always we will need your help to keep in compliance of social distancing. Please wash your hands frequently and stay home if you are feeling sick.

A group of individuals in the Treasure Valley have teamed up to provide much needed support local restaurants. Their mission is to pool donations together and buy meals from locally owned restaurants.

They then deliver these meals to the mobile test sites to ensure the medical staffs braving the weather have a warm meal while providing much needed services to our community. If you are interested in helping support this effort, reach out to Lucas O’Neill at 208-859-6854 or find him on Facebook.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Meanwhile, golf is a great distraction in stressful times.  Come spend some time and enjoy the great outdoors! Click the button below to book your tee time.

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