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Please note the following changes until further notice:

As of Friday, March 20 we are not allowing access inside of our clubhouse.
We are doing all check-ins from the side window of the clubhouse. We have also stopped all sales of beverages and snacks.

In order to protect our employees, we felt we needed to further reduce the amount of interactions our staff has with customers. We would really appreciate if people could utilize our online booking system to pay for golf, or pay by credit card over the phone. This will save time and the amount of cash or credit cards the staff will have to handle. Please remember you may only interact with one staff member and your foursome, our staff interacts with hundreds of people. This is for our safety as well as yours.

Feel free to bring your own non alcoholic beverages. It is against
state law for you to bring alcohol onto our property.

We are in uncharted territory and feel we need to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.

A couple of tips for on the course:

This would be a great time to be a little more relaxed and not feel the need to hole every putt.  Also leaving the flagstick in the hole will further reduce touching points on the course. On the main Falcon 18 we have made it that so the golf ball will not go to the bottom of the hole and will easily be retrieved if the flagstick is left in.

Be safe, wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing, and stay home if you are not feeling well.

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