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Starting Wednesday, March 23rd, we will no longer be detouring our golf traffic through the newly developing subdivision. 

The new detour is going to take you up to Kuna Rd (next road immediately south of the golf course). At this stop sign you will turn east (left for the majority). You will travel 1 mile to Five Mile Rd where you will once again take a left (old fire station on that corner). 

This will put you on a dirt road that will now take you along the 15th hole and then through the back 9 of the golf course and will end up entering our parking lot from near the 10th tee. 

This route will have signage all along the route with posted speed limits which need to be followed for yours and others safety. This route will cross golfers going from our 13th green to the 14th tee and also golfers heading to the 10th tee.  So please be very aware of golfer traffic.

This route is expected to be the road to the course until the new main entry is completed sometime in June. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but the new entry when completed will be worth the wait.

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